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Launching limited or open edition NFTs!
Sep 13, 20223 min read

Dear Bankless Nation,

Let’s say you want to release a single artwork as editioned NFTs — a series commemorating Ethereum’s Merge, for example — but you’re not sure where to start.

You should check out Zora!

That’s because Zora’s creator tooling now makes it simple to create limited edition (e.g. 1/100 series, 1/1000 series, etc.) or open edition (temporarily or permanently uncapped) NFT drops.

For today’s Metaversal, I’ll show you just how simple this NFT editioning process is by walking you through the 5 steps you’d take to run your own editioned drops through Zora. Let’s dive in!


Creating limited or open edition NFTs

Image via Zora

1) Prepare your NFT content

Zora’s Editions system supports uploading images, videos, and audio files. Once you’ve put the finishing touches on the file you want to upload, you’re ready to head over to create.zora.co. For example, I’ve prepared an illustration of an “evolving Ethereum” via Stable Diffusion, a text-to-image AI model, and edited it to proceed:

2) Connect to Zora

Once you’re at the create.zora.co hub, use the Connect Wallet button at the top right side of the page to sign in to Zora. Then press the Create a collection button and next choose the Editions option.

3) Input your collection details

Image via Zora

On the ensuing page, you’ll be prompted to prepare all the fundamental details of your collection. As seen in the screenshot above, in this UI you will:

  • Input your collection name + token ticker symbol
  • Provide a description of the series
  • Upload your media to IPFS
  • Set the NFT mint price
  • Determine the edition size, i.e. limited or open
  • Determine the mint’s start and end time
  • Configure your royalty percentage for secondary sales
  • Choose your payout address, i.e. where you want to withdraw earnings/royalties to

If you’re interested in doing a free open edition like my example collection “The Great Change” above, simply set your collection’s price to 0.00 ETH and your edition format to open. You can run the mint forever by selecting no end date, or you can schedule the mint to stop whenever you want using the UI’s provided calendar system.

4) Submit a creation transaction

Whenever you have all your collection details just right, click on the Create button at the bottom of that page’s UI. Your connected wallet will then prompt you to submit a transaction to create a smart contract for your series. Do that and then wait for the transaction to confirm. Remember, you can try and time this part of the process when Ethereum gas prices are relatively low to get the most bang for your gwei.

5) Manage your collection

Image via Zora

Once your contract creation transaction goes through, refresh the Zora page you were on and you’ll arrive at your collection management panel like in the picture above. Here you can do all kinds of things, starting with getting the link to your editioned collection’s Purchase Page, which is what you’ll look to share around with others.

However, that’s just the start. This panel also lets creators airdrop NFTs to specific Ethereum addresses, customize allowlist and presale details, add team members or transfer collection ownership, update metadata, set up per-address mint limits, pause public sales, and more. You can also manage multiple collections simultaneously by clicking on your address at the upper right side of the panel and then pressing the Your collections button, which will take you to a list of all your previous and currently active editioned NFT series on Zora.

Action steps

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