Claim your Bankless Token Badge

Full Bankless Subscriber can claim a Bankless NFT token badge
May 1, 20202 min read

⚠️ UPDATE: All Bankless members can now claim their badge. New members will receive an email the first day of the month after they subscribe with minting details.

If you’re a Full Bankless Subscriber you can claim your Bankless NFT token badge.

Won’t this look good in your Ethereum Wallet?

What is it?

The token is a badge of honor and forever proof that you were a Bankless community member in 2020—it’s an NFT minted on the POAP standard. The Ethereum address holding this token would also be the receipt of any future community drop.

Community drops? Yep. More on this shortly.

Do keep this token safe and secure. It cannot be reissued—you only get 1.

Don’t give it away or sell it. We plan to do a lot with it—so keep it close.

Who’s eligible?

To be eligible for a Bankless Token Badge you must:

  • Be a current subscriber to the Full Bankless Program
  • Have access to the email address you subscribed with

Phased Rollout

Your token badge will be issued to an Ethereum address you specify. We’ll mint enough tokens for all Bankless Subscribers but the issuance will occur in waves:

  • Wave 1—100 tokens: issued to members who fill out form below (now!)
  • Wave 2—remaining tokens: issued to remaining members via email link (TBD)

UPDATE July 10, 2020: All Bankless members can claim their badge! New members will receive a link to their badge on the 1st of the month after they join.

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