55 - Welcome To Bankless | 2021 Edition

What Does It Mean To Go Bankless? What Is DeFi? How Do I Get started?
Mar 8, 20211 min read

This Week’s Episode marks the 1-year Anniversary of the Bankless Podcast. We sum up the show’s first nine episodes in this single canonical mega-podcast, updating our answers to the big questions – What Does It Mean To Go Bankless? What Is DeFi? How Do I Get started?


I. Why Are We Going Bankless? (0:00 - 29:29)

  • Need for Self-Sovereign Money
  • Problems in Legacy Finance

II. How Crypto Fixes Money (29:30 - 42:11)

  • Protocols are Credibly Neutral
  • An Accessible Parallel Financial System

III. What Does This Look Like? (42:12 - 1:14:11)

  • What is Money?
  • Cryptography & Your Keys

IV. The Bankless Money Stack (1:14:12 - 2:11:49)

  • Settlement Layer
  • Asset Layer
  • Protocol Layer
  • Application Layer
  • Aggregation Layer

V. Why Crypto Is Inevitable (2:11:50 - 2:24:59)

  • Game Theory & Gresham’s Law
  • The Triple Point Asset

VI. How To Get Started (2:25:00 - 2:33:22)

  • Get Crypto Money
  • Take Self-Custody
  • Start Using DeFi

VII. The Journey West (2:33:22 - 3:00:01)

  • Once-In-A-Lifetime Multi-Decades Event
  • The Bankless Journey is Ambitious, Risky, and Highly Rewarding

St. Louis Fed Report on Decentralized Finance


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