14 - The DeFi Exchange | Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss

How the Winklevoss twins are building a bridge to DeFi
Jun 1, 20201 min read

Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss on Bankless!

The mainstream world knows them as Zuckerberg's bane from "The Social Network" but the bankless world knows them as multi-faceted entrepreneurs, early believers in crypto, and the founders the Gemini exchange.

Whatever you think you know about the Winklevoss twins you have to admit...these guys have an uncanny ability to see the future.

So what do they see in our future?

Future of crypto?

Future of DeFi?

Of the world?

They bridged technology to our social lives. They bridged crypto to Wall Street. What bridges are they building next?

Is Gemini the DeFi-friendly bank we've been waiting for?


  • How Cameron & Tyler "see things" early
  • What the Winklevosses first saw in Bitcoin
  • The evolution of crypto banks
  • JPMorgan is banking Gemini!!
  • Big Banking vs Big Tech
  • Is Gemini DeFi friendly?
  • Why the Winklevosses are ETH whales
  • What's the next crypto-sized opportunity?

Will the Winklevosses turn Gemini into a bridge to DeFi money protocols?  Listen to the episode and decide for yourself!

Note: David and I skipped our Big Picture chat this week to get straight to the Winklevoss convo but we're releasing our Big Picture chat in a special Bankless episode coming to you on Wednesday June 3rd!


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