DeSci: Blockchains are Powering Science 3.0

Discussing DeSci with Boris Dyakov, Mikey Fischer, and Alok Tayi
Jul 6, 20231 min read

In this video, we delve into the world of DeSci, or Decentralized Science, which serves as a bridge between technologies like Synthetic Biology, Longevity, and Ethereum. DeSci aims to revolutionize the current scientific system, highlighting its flaws such as friction, corruption, and outdated practices. By utilizing blockchain technology, DeSci seeks to improve scientific institutions and processes.

The conversation with pioneers Boris Dyakov and Mikey Fischer sheds light on the vast potential of DeSci and its ability to transform scientific progress. It goes beyond mere improvement, presenting a paradigm shift in the way science is conducted. The second conversation with Alok Tayi of VibeBio illustrates a fascinating use case for using DeSci to solve diseases that are underserved in TradSci.

DeSci envisions open and modular scientific data, akin to the accessibility of financial tools in the blockchain world. Additionally, the emergence of DAOs in DeSci brings opportunities for capital allocation and funding clinical trials. Join us on this exploration of the frontier of Scientific Progress, where traditional and decentralized science collide.


0:00 Intro

1:30 Scientific Progress


8:50 Overcoming TradSci

13:00 Open Science

16:25 VitaDAO

19:00 What is DeSci?

23:23 Bullish on Science

28:30 Onboarding Scientists

34:00 The New Infrastructure

35:00 AI and Science


44:10 Vibe Bio

47:00 The Long Tail of Disease

52:00 Inflection Points

54:00 Solving Disease

59:45 The Power of DAOs

1:07:45 Governance and Structure

1:11:30 The Crypto Value Add

1:14:00 Regulation

1:19:00 A New Primitive


Boris Dyakov


Mikey Fischer


Alok Tayi


DeSci Ethereum Foundation


Gitcoin DeSci Fund


Vibe Bio


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