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Why Memecoins are Exploding ($)

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Mar 4, 20243 min read
Why Memecoins are Exploding
Published on Mar 4, 2024
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So Freaking Close
  1. 🟠 BTC nears USD high. Bitcoin surpassed its Euro-denominated all-time high on Monday, but all eyes are affixed on overcoming its previous USD high.
  2. 👽 $16M CryptoPunk sale. The NFT space is hoping for its own bull run; could the second-highest CryptoPunk sale ever kickstart it?
  3. 🐶 Memecoin surge. Could memecoins bring in serious retail excitement? Investors hope so, pumping up the prices of DOGE, SHIB, BONK, and PEPE in massive 24hr upward swings.
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Why Memecoins are Exploding

📊 March Memecoin Madness. Bitcoin price held steady at $62k throughout Saturday but resumed its ascension towards all-time highs on Sunday, gaining nearly 10% before topping out at $67.5k and leaving BTC within inches of uncharted price territory… 

As the Risk Rally continues across broader crypto markets, signs of heavy retail participation are making themselves abundantly evident, with popular memecoins surging to life and posting triple-digit gains on the week! 

Prices as of 5pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.48T ↗ 4.8% ↗ 18.7%
BTC $67,297 ↗ 7.1% ↗ 23.2%
ETH $3,576 ↗ 2.8% ↗ 12.2%
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What Do Investors See in Ethena?
Bankless Author: Jack Inabinet

Ethena has cemented itself as a major trending opportunity in crypto, but what are the risks?

Ethena Labs opened deposits into its synthetic dollar stablecoin to the public on February 19, injecting itself into the mind space of practically everyone on Crypto Twitter in the process.

Today, we’re discussing what Ethena does and dissecting the protocol’s risks to help you make an informed decision about whether aping this opportunity is the right play for you! 👇


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The Stablecoin King

Everyone has an opinion about Tether.

But what does Paolo think? Paolo Ardoino is the CEO of Tether, the $100 billion stablecoin company that owns more U.S. Treasuries than most countries.

We explore why Tether is winning and what really backs $USDT. We also cover the state of stablecoin regulation and market competitors.

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Latest Hunt: Pacmoon

It's Airdrop – and Memecoin – season!

Everyone is chasing memecoin profits at the ground floor. Pacmoon is aiming to fair-launch its "community coin" on the newly debuted Blast mainnet. We think there could be an opportunity, and we've added three quests for the memecoin to Airdrop Hunter.

Check them all out! 👇

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