What’s It Take To Be a Crypto Journalist? with Coindesk's Eli Tan and Casey Craig | Layer Zero

On this episode of Layer Zero, David is joined by Eli Tan, NFT reporter, and Casey Craig, Global Head of Comms of Coindesk for an in-person Bankless Studio interview.
Oct 4, 20221 min read

Crypto is evolving at mind-boggling rates and traditional media is having a tough time keeping up. Enter Coindesk. Reporters such as Eli and the rest of the Coindesk team are as much on the frontier as those building in crypto.

Hear how Eli and Casey fell down the crypto rabbit hole, how they got their roles at Coindesk, what challenges they face as a crypto journalism organization, and how media is keeping up with crypto.


0:00 Intro

5:26 Eli’s Background

7:57 Casey’s Role at Coindesk

9:13 How Eli Got Into Crypto

14:42 Challenges of Being a Crypto Journalist

16:55 Deciding What to Cover

17:51 The Crypto Journalism Balance

19:42 Coindesk’s Niche

20:33 Coindesk’s Journey

22:35 Hiring

23:44 Coindesk’s Disclosures

27:46 Due Diligence Process

30:32 Eli’s Proudest Scoop

30:50 Constitution DAO Story

33:00 Younger vs. Older Journalists

38:44 New Media Journalists

40:52 Where to Get Alpha

43:30 Do Kwon’s Coindesk Story

46:13 Anon Leads

47:22 Generational Connections

50:20 Average Future of Crypto Journalists

52:22 Going to Journalism School

53:16 The Future of Crypto Journalism

55:28 Coindesk’s Future

57:22 Poaching From TradMedia

59:33 Hierarchy & Flat Organizations

1:05:26 Closing


Eli Tan


Casey Craig


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