Getting Ready for 'Crypto: The Game' Season 2

The Survivor-esque crypto event gets ready for its second go-around.
Apr 2, 20243 min read
One of the most exciting things I’ve done in years
The best way to make new connections in crypto. Period
Basically a fully online experiential reality show that runs 24/7

These are some of the ways players have described Season 1 of Crypto: The Game (CTG), and as someone who made it to the 8th day of the contest, I completely agree. It was a sensation, teeming with tribal intrigues, new friendships, and classic betrayals.

A Survivor-esque event, CTG S1 saw 410 players, ranging from crypto skeptics to some of the biggest onchain stars, fighting to be the last person standing to win the final prize pot of 41 ETH. 

If you missed out on S1, you’re in luck because Season 2—Crypto The Game: Anon Island— starts its launch countdown today. Keen to try your hand at winning it all? Here’s what we know so far about the CTG S2 adventure.

New approach, new twists for CTG S2

What’s new for Anon Island is that the gameplay’s onchain elements will be facilitated on Base, and entry spots will be facilitated via NFTs.

This new entry mechanic is the biggest change between S1 and S2 and will see players mint an NFT for 0.1 ETH on cryptothegame.com to reserve their spots and contribute to the S2 prize pool. 

Notably, these NFTs will evolve from "Player" spots to "Jury" spots (for voting on the final winner) as players are voted out, and they can be bought and sold at any time, paving the way for new economic and power dynamics to unfold in-game. 

The S2 gameplay itself will officially kick off on April 8th, at which point all the participating players will be divided into 10 tribes—Red Tribe, Blue Tribe, Green Tribe, etc. 

Then, it’s up to the contestants to strategize around the clock and survive vote-offs as long as possible by winning tribal immunity challenges. These challenges will range from arcade-style minigames to special events with partner projects like Lens, Uniswap, and Wormhole

Finally, the tribal merge will kick off the end phase of the game, pitting individuals against individuals and culminating in the ultimate vote, where previously eliminated players use their jury spots to decide on the S2 winner. 

Some words of advice for new players

If you do dive into S2, it’s crucial to start forming relationships and alliances as fast as you possibly can. Joining a solid voting bloc on Day 1 can do wonders in controlling early votes in your tribe and helping you get to the merge. 

Also, be active, be helpful, and go all-out in the challenges. 

In the first few days of the game, there will likely be a handful of inactive players on your tribe, which will be low-hanging targets for the initial tribal council votes. 

After the inactives are weeded out, though, the votes will get much tougher. Being present and productive in your tribe’s chat and performing well in the challenges can help ensure that your name isn’t put on the chopping block at tribal councils—never become the weakest link.

All that said, if you think you’ve got what it takes to outplay and win S2, mint your spot at cryptothegame.com while they last, and get ready for all of the twists and turns to come. Whatever happens, it definitely won’t be boring!

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