VanEck’s 2024 Crypto Predictions with Matthew Sigel

What will happen in 2024?
Dec 12, 20231 min read

In today’s episode, Matthew goes over VanEck’s 15 hottest 2024 crypto predictions report. Matthew Sigel is the Head of Digital Assets Research at VanEck and has been since 2021.


0:00 Intro

4:55 VanEck Predictions Origin

5:53 Recession & Spot BTC ETF

8:06 4th Bitcoin Halving

11:45 BTC All-Time High

14:15 Ethereum Flip Bitcoin?

18:38 Post-EIP-4844 L2 Capture

22:26 NFT Activity Rebound

24:33 Binance

28:05 Stablecoin Market Cap

32:16 DEX’s All-Time Highs

37:17 Bitcoin Yield?

40:49 Blockchain Gaming

43:20 Solana Outperforms ETH

47:15 DePin

53:05 Corporate Holding Upside

56:24 DeFi & KYC

1:03:31 Closing & Disclaimers


Matthew Sigel


VanEck Predictions Report


VanEck Solana Report


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