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12 Hot Crypto Investing Narratives

gm Bankless Nation, as crypto pushes even higher, it's time to find your investment narrative.
Mar 8, 20244 min read
12 Hot Crypto Investing Narratives
Published on Mar 8, 2024
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ETH Hits $4,000
  1. 🌝 ETH cracks $4,000. Ethereum briefly touched above $4,000 for the first time since 2021, meanwhile BTC pushed to new highs of $70,330.
  2. 🤠 Wyoming rolls out DAO law. WY's governor just signed a new law that helps DAOs achieve status as legal entities in the state, earning them certain legal protections.
  3. 🤔 Gary gives investing advice. Gensler is losing the battle against crypto, but in an interview this week, he tried to frame crypto's massive gains as another weakness.
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Crypto's Dream High

📊 Another breakout tease. Bitcoin yet again battered itself against all-time highs, breaking through the memetic level of $69,420 for the first time ever and ticking $70k before wicking down 4% to $67k within the next two minutes and continuing to bleed out to a low of $66k and rebounding as the day progressed.

While fresh all-time highs remain out of reach for the majority of alts that existed during the peak of last cycle’s bull market, many tokens, including ETH and SOL, achieved new cycle highs today! How has Bitcoin’s rally to new highs and subsequent retreat impacted the broader market?

Read on for more market analysis + our favorite chart and tweet of the day 👇

Prices as of 4pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.61T ↗ 1.7% ↗ 12.0%
BTC $69,251 ↗ 2.8% ↗ 10.9%
ETH $3,949 ↗ 1.0% ↗ 15.0%
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The 2024 Crypto Investing Narrative Glossary
Bankless Author: Arjun Chand

The bull market is in full swing.

During such times, when each piece of news can swing prices, projects often get hand-wavy with the use of buzzwords to latch onto a strong narrative.

This Bankless glossary is your cheat sheet to cut through the noise and decide if a project truly has substance. We hope it serves as a valuable resource for you as you research and pick your winners for this cycle.

We break down 12 crypto investing narratives, including:

  • 🤖 Decentralized AI
  • ♻️ Restaking
  • 🔶 Bitcoin L2s
  • 🧱 Modularity
  • 💿 Data Availability

See all 12 narratives 👇


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TRON's Justin Sun

Justin Sun, the controversial founder of Tron, has finally entered the chat.

We press the combative billionaire on what he's building, why he's still here, and what comes next. Click in for his views on Bankless, Vitalik, and Ethereum.

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ETH's Next NFT Revolution
Bankless Author: William Peaster

It’s not every day that one of the biggest blockchains in the world undergoes a major evolution.

That’s why all eyes are on Ethereum right now, as the leading smart contract platform is undergoing a huge upgrade next week that will intro an unprecedented mechanism: blobspace

See what Dencun means for NFTs 👇

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