Tim Beiko & Justin Drake: The Sci-fi Roadmap to Ethereum

Justin Drake and Tim Beiko help us explore Ethereum's uncharted roadmap.
Aug 15, 20231 min read

You know about EIP-4844. You know about Proposer-Builder Separation. But the Ethereum roadmap does not stop there. It continues! Each component of the Ethereum roadmap has deeper frontiers than what you may be familiar with. 4844, PBS, these are just the first stops on a longer track of Ethereum’s Sci-Fi roadmap.

Other areas Justin, Tim, and David explore statelessness, how VCs are subsidizing Ethereum L1 R&D efforts, enshrined rollups, how all of this stuff leads to Ethereum needing fewer and fewer honest actors to work trustlessly, what quantum computing has to do with the Ethereum roadmap, trustless mempools and so much more.


0:00 Intro

5:50 Ethereum Roadmap Completion

8:30 Immediate Dev Priorities

9:50 Danksharding & Rollups as 1st Class Citizens  

11:50 Why Prioritize L2s

14:50 Snarkifying the EVM

17:39 Enshrined Rollup Use Cases  

20:00 EVM to zkEVM

24:48 Summary So Far

27:15 EIP-4844

28:25 Proposer-Builder Separation

37:37 MEV Burn

40:38 Statelessness

43:33 Cryptography vs. Crypto Economics

45:00 Quantum Mechanics

50:25 Statelessness Ethereum Unlock

53:10 Cryptography & Sustainability

55:55 Closing & Disclaimers


Justin Drake


Tim Beiko


Ethereum Discord


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