The zkEVM is Here | zkSync's Steve Newcomb

We brought on zkSync's Chief Product Officer, Steve Newcomb to share all about zkSync's exciting updates and how they're going to impact the space.
Sep 28, 20221 min read

By the end of October, zkSync is going to be shipping the world's first zkEVM. Steve Newcomb thinks it's a big deal, and so should you.

We also had to ask Steve, wen token? Tune into the episode to hear his response!


0:00 Intro

9:38 Wen Mainnet?

11:22 What is zkSync Shipping?

12:36 zkEVM Design Choices

19:26 Why zkEVM is Progressing Fast

22:56 Optimistic Rollups vs. zkEVMs

27:00 The Layer 3 Ecosystem & Narrative

41:48 Losing Sovereignty?

44:08 Prover Competition

46:39 Same Circuit & Hyper Bridges

52:15 The Cosmos Vision

58:01 L1s to L3s

1:04:10 Onboarding Strategy

1:10:16 Wen Token?

1:13:33 2/3's Distribution

1:15:42 Open Source

1:25:08 zkSync 2.0 & 3.0 and Beyond

1:29:17 Closing & Disclaimers


Steve Newcomb




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