The U.S. Banking System, Federal Reserve, & USDC Post-SVB Collapse with Ram Ahluwalia

Ram Ahluwalia, CEO of Lumida Wealth Management, joins us to discuss everything that's happened in the past five days post-SVB collapse.
Mar 15, 20231 min read

Ram has his finger on the pulse on all things finance (crypto included), the U.S. Banking System, and The Federal Reserve.

Was USDC ever at risk? Is crypto being targeted? Could DeFi have fixed this? Answers to these questions and much more in the episode.


0:00 Intro

7:48 The Last 5 Days

10:30 Technology

15:35 Fractional Reserves & Assets

19:17 Banking & Venture

21:44 SIVB Outlier

27:35 Risk Curves

29:35 Carry Trades

35:05 Money Markets

38:15 Who's Next?

40:55 Feds' Goal

47:15 Sneak Attack on Tax Payers?

49:30 Longtail Banks

57:39 Was USDC Ever at Risk?

1:03:10 SigNet

1:07:15 Is Crypto Being Targeted?

1:12:18 Interest Rates

1:18:35 Could DeFi Fix This?

1:22:24 Closing & Disclaimers


Ram Ahluwalia


SVB is not like other banks


Why was Signature Bank targeted?


“Settlement Risk”




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