The Future of Bitcoin with Nic Carter, Eric Wall, & Udi Wertheimer

We bring on the brightest minds and trolliest personalities in Bitcoin to discuss Taproot
May 24, 20231 min read

Taproot was the trojan horse that opened the door to a new wave of Bitcoin innovation and culture. At the forefront of this culture are Udi, Eric, and Nic, the taproot wizards causing a shift in the world of Bitcoin.


0:00 Intro

6:19 Introducing the Taproot Wizards

12:00 Rejected From Bitcoin Conferences

17:17 Meme and Culture Layer of Bitcoin

23:55 Taproot Was a Trojan Horse

30:28 Are Ordinals Good For Bitcoin Bags?

35:11 How Ordinals Have Changed Public Perception

41:27 A Bitcoin Civil War

47:14 "We Broke Bitcoin"

53:42 Addressing Bitcoin Media

1:04:15 Are David and Ryan Bitcoiners?

1:05:27 Closing and Disclaimers


Nic Carter


Eric Wall


Udi Wertheimer


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