The ETH Merge: BULL OR BEAR? David debates Jordi Alexander

Jordi Alexander returns to debate David Hoffman on whether or not next week's Ethereum Merge is bullish or bearish for ETH.
Sep 10, 20221 min read

The debate is moderated by none other than, Ryan Sean Adams. The ETH Merge. Bullish? or Bearish?!

Let us know if you're bullish or bearish in the comments or on Twitter: @banklesshq


0:00 Intro

3:03 David & Jordi's Luna Debate

10:07 Why the Merge is Overhyped?

16:50 Merge Bulls

21:05 Long ETH?

23:10 The ETH Narrative Play

32:05 Overestimating the ETH Yield

42:38 Blockspace Demand

1:02:05 Multichains

1:06:17 Ethereum's Gravitational Pull

1:09:57 Value Accrual

1:17:23 ETH Not Monetary Premium?

1:28:50 Price Range Predictions


Jordi Alexander


Jordi's Article


David's Rebuttal to Jordi's Article


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