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The Blast Airdrop Opp ($)

gm Bankless Citizens, investors dumped $630 million into Blast. Are they crazy?
Nov 30, 20233 min read
The Blast Airdrop Opp
Published on Nov 30, 2023
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gm Bankless Nation,
Investors have dumped $630 million into Blast. Are they crazy?

Today's issue ⬇️

  1. ☀️ Need to Know: Saylor Spends
    MicroStrategy adds $600M in BTC.
  2. 📊 Today in Markets: An Atom Split?
    Is Cosmos Hub headed for conflict?
  3. 🗞️ Analysis: The Blast Opportunity
    Is this TVL monster worth tossing ETH at?
  4. 🎧 Pod: Property Rights Masterclass
    An economist unpacks tokenization.
  5. 🏹 New Airdrop Hunt: Blast
    Yes, it seems insane, but is there an opportunity? 👀

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Saylor's Infinite Spend
  1. 💰 Saylor doubles down again. Where is MicroStrategy getting all this cash? They just bought another $600 million worth of BTC.
  2. 🇧🇷 Brazil goes after crypto taxes. The Brazilian Senate's new income-tax regulation slaps up to a 15% tax on crypto held on intl exchanges.
  3. 🥷 KyberSwap hacker makes demands. The exploiter behind a $47 million hack has made his non-negotiable demand: a total takeover.
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An ATOM Split?

📊 Troubled Cosmos. The Cosmos Hub (ATOM) is undergoing major changes. Token holders voted to cut ATOM inflation in half last week, but not everyone is happy: ecosystem leadership is now advocating for a chain split! Where’s the ATOM opportunity?

Prices as of 4pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.42T ↗ 0.5% 0.0%
BTC $37,751 0.0% ↗ 1.4%
ETH $2,046 ↗ 0.8% ↘ 1.1%
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The Blast Airdrop Opp
Bankless Author: Jack Inabinet

In what feels like a true return to bull market degeneracy, investors have pumped $630 million into a pre-launch L2. There's plenty of controversy surrounding the chain, but is Blast getting a bad rap?

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Property Rights Masterclass

Bankless is joined by economist Hernando De Soto, who asks the tantalizing question, "What is Property?" Bankless Citizens also get exclusive access to Ryan and David's debrief of the episode 😎

Here's everything you want to know 👇

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Latest Update: Blast

We've added Blast to Airdrop Hunter. The much-hyped, much-critiqued, yet-to-be-launched L2 with native yield has been attracting airdrop hunters a plenty, and it's our latest addition. Check it out! 👇

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