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The AI x Crypto Cycle

gm Bankless Nation, leveraged buyers got rekt in yesterday's epic selloff, but the market is healing.
Mar 6, 20243 min read
The AI x Crypto Cycle
Published on Mar 6, 2024
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Smashed ETF Records
  1. 🟠 Bitcoin smashes ETF record. Bitcoin ETFs did $10 billion in volume yesterday, in a volatile day of trading that took BTC to all-time highs.
  2. 🪱 Wormhole airdropping 617M tokens. Wormhole confirmed its token plans today, detailing a 6% airdrop and providing an eligibility checker.
  3. 🇪🇸 Spain going after Worldcoin. Spain is trying to block Worldcoin from operating there, ordering them to stop using data collected in the country.
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Crypto's Leverage Wipeout

📊 Nature is Healing. Crypto prices are back on the offensive after yesterday’s broad market pullback, with Bitcoin gaining steam to yet again position itself within reach of achieving new all-time highs!

For the past week, crypto markets had been signaling that prices were overextended and due for a correction, and yesterday’s leverage wipeout facilitated the much anticipated return to equilibrium. Should you take the opportunity to get long?

Read on for more market analysis + our favorite chart and tweet of the day 👇

Prices as of 4pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.51T ↗ 10.3% ↗ 13.6%
BTC $67,283 ↗ 7.7% ↗ 11.5%
ETH $3,877 ↗ 13.2% ↗ 17.7%
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This is the AI x Crypto Cycle
Bankless Authors: David Hoffman

Every bull market cycle gets defined by the mania it incubated. 

  • 2013 was the “Proof of Work fork-and-fair-launch” era
  • 2017 was the ICO mania
  • 2021 was the NFT bubble

I’m calling it now: The 2024 cycle will be remembered as the AI x Crypto cycle. 

See what opportunities David is bullish on 👇


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AI Memecoins & Narrative Investing

Ryan and David share another Bankless Takes episode where they discuss their AI memecoin analysis, why AI crypto tokens are a big deal, how to speculate on narratives, and what the next big narratives are in this cycle.

Click in for all the alpha 👇

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Bitcoin's Hottest NFT Project?
Bankless Author: William Peaster

Despite a big slowdown in NFTs, Ordinals are showing traction.

JPG buyers have been circling Bitcoin NFTs for months, but the hottest project in the sector isn't made by Yuga or bridged from Ethereum.

See which Ordinals project is getting a lot of attention 👇

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