SVM L2 on Ethereum: Bullish or Bearish SOL? with Neel Somani, Founder, Eclipse

Is Solana done?
Sep 20, 20231 min read

Solana on Ethereum? Solana has a virtual machine called the SVM. Proponents say it’s much better than the Ethereum EVM…multi-threaded execution…now it’s coming to Ethereum in the form of an L2.

Today on the show, we brought on CEO & Co-Founder of Eclipse, Neel Somani. Eclipse is not only a new L2 on the scene, it’s also an L2 framework, kind of like the OP Stack. It’s a superchain contender.

This poses some very interesting questions….who wins? Does this kill Solana?


0:00 Intro

7:10 Motivations For Eclipse

10:50 Why is the SVM Great?

16:00 How Fee Markets Work?

19:20 Ethereum & Eclipse Pairing

20:25 What Kind of L2 is Eclipse?

23:25 Celestia For Data Availability?

25:30 Security Trade-Offs?

27:30 Transactions on Eclipse

28:00 Economics on Data Availability

33:50 RISC Zero & Eclipse

36:10 Modular Thesis

41:00 Eclipses's Superchain?

44:35 Eclipse Today?

45:20 Winners vs. Losers

46:40 Eclipse vs. Solana

49:00 Bad for $SOL?

52:45 Eclipse Team

53:45 Solana as an L2

55:00 Eclipse Token?

55:45 Future Ecosystems

57:05 Naming This New Tech

58:50 Roadmap

1:00:30 Neel's Bio

1:01:50 Closing & Disclaimers


Neel Somani


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