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STRK Goes Big ($)

gm Bankless Citizen, STRK is here, check if you scored any in Bankless Claimables 👀
Feb 20, 20243 min read
STRK Airdrop Goes Big
Published on Feb 20, 2024
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ETH Hits $3K
  1. 🆙 Ethereum hits $3,000. ETH momentarily crossed the $3K barrier Tuesday morning, marking the first time in two years that ETH had reached a price that high.
  2. 🔴 Optimism airdrops 10M OP. L2 developer Optimism unveiled its 4th airdrop, giving out 10.3 million OP worth around $40.8 million to 23K addresses.
  3. 🎮 Gaming tokens surge. Crypto gaming tokens are on a tear amid the launch of the PIXEL token, with major tokens like PRIME, BEAM, and XAI all rocketing near all-time highs.
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Starknet Claims Kick Off

📊 Claim day arrives. Starknet’s token is now claimable for the 1.3M eligible recipients who received a distribution in the first round of Provisions! What’s the claim process like, and what should you do with your STRK?

Prices as of 5pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.98T ↗ 0.2% ↗ 6.5%
BTC $52,068 ↗ 0.3% ↗ 5.1%
ETH $2,990 ↗ 0.9% ↗ 13.6%
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EigenLayer's Risk Management
Bankless Author: David C and Kristi Klaudy

EigenLayer represents a pivotal advancement for Ethereum, promising groundbreaking enhancements in security and accessibility — a claim that currently holds ~$7.5b at stake.

Amid excitement and optimism, critical voices – Vitalik himself included – have highlighted potential risks.

Proponents expect a restaking revolution, but others see a ticking time bomb.

This article attempts to dig into the risks EigenLayer has addressed, including potential pitfalls facing EigenLayer services and their operators, as well as the potential for systemic threats to Ethereum as a network.

Let’s dive in 👇


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What is Starknet Culture?

It's STRK season, and Starknet is getting plenty of eyeballs on what makes it special.

Today, David talks with Abdel Bakhta, the Head of Ecosystem at Starkware. We cover the origins of Starkware and how its culture has evolved; there’s also a ton of alpha in this episode so stay tuned.

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