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Starknet Token Incoming

And sadly, yes, the snapshot has already been taken
Dec 1, 20231 min read

STRK on the way. Yesterday, screenshots displaying the eligibility criteria for Starknet’s airdrop made the rounds on Crypto Twitter. The Starknet Foundation has confirmed their authenticity! What do we now know about the STRK airdrop?

While the foundation has confirmed these screenshots were real, they also stressed that their airdrop distribution plans are still under development.

Unsurprisingly, it appears that Starknet users and developers will be receiving airdrop allocations, as will users who interacted with StarkEx L2s, Starknet’s application-specific chain used by projects like dYdX and ImmutableX, prior to June 2022.

Also eligible for the STRK airdrop are the GitHub developers behind the top repositories, Ethereum users who interacted with gas-guzzling contracts early, and addresses that staked ETH prior to the merge.

Tragically, anyone hoping to hunt STRK after this most recent round of airdrop confirmation is out of luck: the snapshot has already been taken and no additional activities will influence your airdrop eligibility in any way.

With airdrop preparations clearly underway, STRK feels imminent, but with the snapshot taken, all we can do now is bide our time and hope that our hunting efforts were adequate to score a substantial drop 🪂

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