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Starknet STRK Claims Kick Off

Check your STRK airdrop eligibility in Bankless Claimables.
Feb 20, 20242 min read

Claim Day Arrives: Starknet’s token is now claimable for the 1.3M eligible recipients who received a distribution in the first round of Provisions! What’s the claim process like, and what should you do with your STRK?

Over 1.2k Bankless Citizens positioned themselves to receive STRK with the help of the Airdrop Hunter and we can confirm that the Nation is positioned to cash in on this drop – nearly 8k accounts belonging to our community are eligible to claim over 2.6M tokens!

While the Starknet Foundation restricts the IP addresses of certain nations from interacting with the Provisions portal to avoid coming on the wrong side of US securities regulations, anyone can check to see if their address received a STRK allocation by plugging it into Bankless Claimables.

Recipients will be guided to claim through the Starknet Foundation’s official Provisions portal, where they’ll be directed to connect a Starknet wallet, prompted to confirm their eligibility, and implored to participate in governance before being given their ability to claim the tokens.

With the Starknet Foundation covering gas on all claims made through the official portal, recipients do not need to worry about funding their wallets with ETH or STRK prior to claiming, but should be aware that their transaction may be subject to delay as the Foundation works to process its backlog of prior claims.

After claiming their allocations, it is inevitable that some recipients will choose to jettison from the Starknet ecosystem by swapping from STRK into an asset of their choice.

Alternatively, many will take the opportunity to explore the chain by using a portion of your STRK to participate in governance and using the remainder to cover gas fees as they interact with protocols!

While no Ethereum L2 has implemented staking for their native asset, Starknet is hopeful that it will one day be able to provide this utility to token holders, allowing them to stake their STRK to generate proofs and sequence transactions for Starknet in exchange for yield.

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