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Solana's Ecosystem Airdrop

Is Solana airdrop szn around the corner?
Nov 27, 20231 min read

Solana’s second largest project is airdropping 10% of its tokens! Liquid staking protocol Jito officially announced the drop this morning, but Bankless Citizens were alerted to the opportunity prior to the November 25th snapshot 🪂

Participants in Jito’s points program will be eligible to receive the airdrop, as will Solana validators operating the Jito-Solana MEV client and searchers actively utilizing Jito Network’s MEV products.

Airdrop recipients can use their JTO tokens to set fees on jitoSOL staking pools, update delegation strategies, and manage the DAO treasury (established with tokens from the “Community Growth” segment not reserved for the airdrop).

An independent foundation will oversee an “Ecosystem Development” fund to incentivize Jito development and lead large-scale strategic relations. Investors and core contributors receive the remaining 40.7% of the tokens over three years and after a one-year unlock cliff.

Keep updated with Jito’s Twitter for further information on how to claim the airdrop and remain vigilant of potential Jito airdrop scams!

Source: Jito

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