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Sei's Top Degen Opportunities ($)

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Feb 2, 20243 min read
Sei's Top Degen Opportunities
Published on Feb 2, 2024
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FTX Hackers Found
  1. 🥷 FTX hackers found. The mystery $400M theft that occurred in FTX's darkest hour has been the subject of much speculation, but Bloomberg reports that a trio of SIM Swappers recently charged by the DOJ were responsible.
  2. 🪿 3AC founders' OPNX to shut down. The centralized exchange led by Kyle Davies and Su Zhu announced that it will shut down this month.
  3. 💸 DCG agrees to $21M settlement. DCG's Genesis group has reached a settlement with the SEC over its Earn product. They'll pay a $21M penalty.
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DeFi's Points Game

📊 Onchain Points. Points trading is gaining traction among airdrop hunters seeking to monetize their points prior to the distribution of an actual token. How do platforms facilitate points trading, and is this a worthwhile speculative activity for anyone?

Prices as of 4pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.65T ↗ 0.2% ↗ 2.5%
BTC $43,022 ↗ 0.1% ↗ 2.5%
ETH $2,299 ↗ 0.1% ↗ 2.0%
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5 Degen-Only Opps on Sei
Bankless Author: David C

With its price climbing nearly 3x since Dec 1 and weekly users growing from 5k to over 100k at some points since then, Sei has established itself as an ecosystem to watch!

As we explore these 5 degen-only opportunities, it's crucial to understand the nuances of each project, the potential upside they hold if successful, as well as the risks that come from engaging with a project in its early stage. 

See all 5 Opportunities 👇👇👇


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$JUP Has Landed

Jupiter's airdrop was the talk of crypto this week.

Today, we aired our conversation with Jupiter founder Meow, getting his thoughts on how the 'drop went and hearing his future plans for the platform.

Hear the full conversation👇

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This Week's Yield Opps

🧑‍🌾 Farming Alpha: Earn ARB token incentives by depositing into Umami’s freshly shipped GM vaults built on GMX V2. Aerodrome is offering extremely high APRs on DOLA-USDC pairs while Aura is providing depositors with healthy yields on the Majors.

Top Opps:

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