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Can a crypto-telecom succeed and bring its token holders along for the ride?
Dec 6, 20231 min read

New crypto utility. Crypto startup Helium Mobile unveiled an unlimited $20 per month phone plan yesterday! The Helium Network token (HNT), which incentivizes infrastructure providers, is up 40% in anticipation that this may be the network's mainstream moment.

The cell plan taps both Helium Network but primarily relies on T-Mobile to provide its users with nationwide coverage, a necessary partnership, seeing as Helium Network's coverage is extremely spotty right now, even in urban areas.

Decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) projects, like the Helium Network, issue native tokens to incentivize participation in their networks and align interests between the network and infrastructure operators.

Increased traffic on the Helium Network from adoption of Helium Mobile should boost yields for nodes, incentivizing the creation of new nodes, resulting in increased coverage and making Helium more attractive to join in the first place. With the average American spending $157 per month on their phone plan, Helium’s attractively priced plan may certainly entice some cellular users to make the switch.

While Helium has successfully deployed cellular nodes worldwide, the network must now find demand for its cellular coverage to power up the Helium flywheel, and should Helium Mobile prove able to acquire these users, it could grow at an explosive pace. 👀


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