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Dec 22, 20224 min read

Dear Bankless Nation,

The mint.fun team, Context, is definitely going on my Nice List this year!

Not only have they built mint.fun into one of the most useful general NFT discovery and minting frontends around, they also just launched a really helpful new tool called “Offers.”

This new resource aggregates all the current offers people have made on NFTs in your wallet so you can easily find and accept bids in one spot without having to review each NFT marketplace separately like you would’ve had to before.

Personally, I’ve already tapped Offers to accept a handful of bids I wasn’t previously aware of. Let’s do a quick tutorial on how you can use this tool to streamline your year-end NFT wallet management too!


NFT offers made easy on mint.fun

For the unversed, mint.fun is an NFT discovery and minting website.

Any NFT project can use the site to provide a free minting UI to its community, like so:

The mint.fun mint page for FOKUS by Andreas Hildebrandt

Additionally, mint.fun provides free discovery tools for NFT collectors, including real-time feeds of current free and trending NFT mints, mint and trading stats, a wallet follower system, and an allowlist center that helps you find and mint from ongoing NFT launches you’re allowlisted for.

Finding trending mints on mint.fun

On the collector side of things, the latest mint.fun release is the new and aforementioned Offers resource. Powered by the Reservoir NFT API system, Offers notably aggregates bids on your NFTs from across all active NFT marketplaces.

This coverage matters because in the past you would’ve had to go to OpenSea to see only your OpenSea offers, and to LooksRare to see only your LooksRare offers, etc. Now you can review all outstanding offers across all marketplaces in one simple hub on mint.fun, which is a definite UX advance when it comes to easily finding and accepting bids on NFTs.

The Offers dashboard on mint.fun

As for actually using Offers, the system’s straightforward. You’d start by going to mint.fun, connecting your wallet, and then clicking on the Offers button in your profile dropdown menu. Doing so will bring you to a dashboard like the one seen pictured directly above.

Specifically, this dashboard will show you how many NFTs you hold that have active offers. It will also display the exact NFTs in question, the Wrapped ETH (WETH) bid sizes, the percentage difference between the bids and floor prices, your bidders’ wallet addresses, and the NFT marketplaces where the bids originated.

You can surf through the active bids using filters for highest offers, biggest bid-to-floor differentials, or most recent bid activity. If you find an offer you like you can click the Accept button by your NFT of choice, after which you’ll see a popup like so:

The “Accept Bid” UI on mint.fun

In this popup you’ll be able to make a final review of the offer’s expiration time, the marketplace and royalty fees you face, and the final WETH sum you stand to receive.

If everything checks out press the Accept button once more, complete the prompted sales transaction with your wallet, and voila! That’s all it takes. In your address you’d have your new WETH, which you could then bid with, hold, unwrap, or do whatever DeFi swapping you’d like.

Need WETH fast? You can check for active offers on mint.fun

Ultimately, then, the mint.fun Offers tool streamlines the process of finding buyers for your NFTs.

If you have lots of NFTs, then plenty of the active offers you’ll see will be low courtesy of “stink bids,” but the accompanying stats on mint.fun — like bid-to-floor differentials — will help you make informed decisions for your wallet in a readily accessible manner.

Of course, if you’re mainly interested in tidying your wallet and are happy to field any offers on the NFTs you’re ready to move on from, this tool will be just right for you!

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