Restaking Alignment with Vitalik, Sreeram, Tim Beiko, Justin Drake, Dankrad & Jessy

What are the implications of restaking?
Jun 29, 20231 min read

Not every Bankless listener will be prepared for this conversation. This one is a hard one. If you want to be adequately equipped for the conversation that awaits, we recommend listening to the Bankless episode we did with Sreeram a few weeks ago. That episode will get you up to speed to understand some of the nuances and problems that are discussed in today’s episode.

Because, today on the show, we have the largest and most gigabrain panel that we’ve ever had on Bankless…Vitalik Buterin, Justin Drake, Dankrad Feist, Jessy (aka 13-year-old VC - that’s her pseudonym), and of course… Sreeram Kannan himself, founder of Eigenlayer and perhaps the creator of restaking…all moderated by Tim Beiko!


0:00 Intro

4:45 Setting the Panel

8:51 Jessy’s Restaking Thoughts

10:20 Justin’s Restaking Perspective

11:40 Dankrad’s Restaking Views

12:30 Sreeram’s Restaking Arguments

14:00 Why Justin is a Restaking Doomer

18:30 EigenLayer’s Restaking Architecture

22:05 Restaking Builder Hooks

25:05 Vitalik’s Restaking Concerns  

30:05 EigenLayer’s Acceleration

32:50 Sreeram Addressing Vitalik’s Concerns

37:48 Ensuring Restaking is Aligned

46:04 Reputation Systems & Alignment

51:35 Ethereum Protocol Complexity

59:00 Credible Neutrality

1:03:30 MEV Boost & PBS

1:07:10 One Shot Signatures

1:09:10 Closing Thoughts, Arguments, & Next Steps

1:16:30 Closing & Disclaimers


Sreeram Kannan



Vitalik Buterin


Tim Beiko


Justin Drake


Dankrad Feist




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