Polygon's Rebirth $

gm Bankless Citizens, what bull market investment narrative are you chasing?
Nov 16, 20233 min read
Polygon's Rebirth
Published on Nov 16, 2023
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BlackRock Makes It Official
  1. ✍️ ETH ETF app is official. In case there were any doubts about Delaware funny business, BlackRock officially filed an S-1 for its spot ETH ETF.
  2. 👮‍♂️ DOJ going after XRP ETF filer. Delaware officials have contacted the Justice Dept about the fake BlackRock XRP filing.
  3. 👻 Aave rebrands. DeFi lender Aave has rebranded to Avara and announced the acquisition of the team behind Family Wallet.
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BTC Slides Backwards

📈 Crypto Cools: BlackRock took another major step towards launching a spot ETH ETF, but crypto markets are in decline. The majors pared back yesterday’s gains on the filing, with Ether dipping back below $2k and Bitcoin fighting to hold $36k.

Prices as of 4pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.38T ↘ 3.9% ↘ 0.7%
BTC $36,076 ↘ 4.0% ↘ 1.5%
ETH $1,962 ↘ 4.3% ↘ 5.3%
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Polygon's 2023 Rebirth
Bankless Author: William Peaster

Investors are searching for early bull market narratives. One I'm watching? Polygon's transformation into a tech powerhouse.

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Crypto President?

Ryan and David sit down with Vivek Ramaswamy, a U.S. presidential candidate who just rolled out a pro-crypto policy.

The three chat about core crypto freedoms and why America needs to lead the way in crypto 👇

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