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An update on Bankless Collectibles and our journey to web3 media.
Mar 31, 20233 min read

Dear Bankless Nation,

We’re now 5 months into Bankless Collectibles. It's been a huge win. We're discovering a lot about becoming a web3 media company, we're also learning a ton about our fans as they start collecting more and more podcast NFTs.

For today's newsletter, here’s a quick update on where Collectibles is at today (and where we're going!)

We think content is collectable. It’s a new way for you, the community, to engage in Bankless content. It’s a way for you to own the work that Ryan and David put countless hours into.

Everyone can listen, but only 100 people can collect.

For those of you coming across this for the first time, Bankless Collectibles are podcast NFTs for the biggest Bankless fans. It’s an experiment to allow you (our community) to engage and own Bankless content in a new, crypto-native way. Through it, we can more easily identify who the biggest Bankless fans are.

In normal media, this can be a bit challenging. Spotify Wrapped only comes out once a year, and even then, creators barely have any clue of who their biggest fans are. Crypto allows us to go straight to the source, and use on-chain, verifiable, transparent data to power these insights.

As Bankless Citizens collect content every week, they can rise up the ranks to become a top collector. And we notice. We invite them onto Twitter Spaces to speak and debrief with us on the episode. We shout them out on the Weekly Rollup.

It’s a path to becoming a Bankless superfan -- and we’re just getting started.

Stats Board 📊

Bankless Collectibles is now 17 episodes deep and we have seen:

  • 1615 NFTs minted (up from 1,000 since our last update)
  • 536 unique holders across all episodes (up from 394)
  • 35 addresses with a completed Genesis Gauntlet (up from 25)
  • 7 addresses that hold all 17 episodes
  • 9 ETH donated to various organizations

With over 1600 NFTs circulating the market, we can get a glimpse of the top collectors.

  1. Llihwerd.eth      (38 tokens)
  2. Landryn.eth       (36 tokens)
  3. Coker.eth         (32 tokens)
  4. Jeffexcell.eth     (28 tokens)
  5. DidierKrux.eth        (21 tokens)

These individuals collect our content more than anyone else –  they deserve a shoutout. Follow them on Twitter. 🐦

If you’re curious – there are also a select few individuals who have collected... Every. Single. Episode.

They haven’t missed a single week since we started this back in November 2022.

Insights powered by Bello.

Thank you to these legends for pioneering this new frontier, one episode at a time. We appreciate you. 🫡

New Friends in the Space 🙂

After launching podcast NFTs, we’ve finally seen a handful of creators follow suit. Namely, Mint Podcast from Adam Levy and Invest in Music from Cooper Turley. Both of these creators are embracing content NFTs, following a similar model to Bankless.

We appreciate these creators joining our little dance party.

What’s Next ⏭️

We’re tokenizing an episode every single Monday, and a bonus episode on the first Friday of the month (reserved for Gauntlet Holders ✊)

Monday will be no different. On April 3rd, we’ll be tokenizing an episode with Jim Bianco who offers a counterpoint to last week’s Monday Mint guest.

Jim thinks Balaji is wrong. He may think Bitcoin is going to $1M, but certainly not in 90 days. Jim is not only a pragmatic expert on macro, but also a crypto native. He knows how to farm yield on Yearn. He lends on Aave. But will he collect a podcast NFT?

We’ll find out on Monday. See you then. 🫡

P.S. We’ll also be releasing Gauntlet Friday next week  – a free mint for collectors who hold all 5 Genesis Collection NFTs. Exclusive mint goes live on April 7th.

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