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King Bitcoin

gm Bankless Nation, Bitcoin continues to dominate on the heels of a big 2023.
Dec 20, 20233 min read
King Bitcoin
Published on Dec 20, 2023
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Rise of Restaking
  1. ☝️ EigenLayer reaches $1B TVL. The Ethereum restaking protocol is reaching new heights after it lifted deposit caps and added support for new tokens earlier this week.
  2. 🔒 Ledger makes good. The popular hardware wallet manufacturer announced plans to evolve its security processes and make affected users whole after facing a major transaction signing exploit last week.
  3. 🧐 China eyes NFTs. The nation's Ministry of Industry and IT revealed it's working on plans to grow development efforts around NFTs and decentralized apps within the Asian superpower.
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King of the Hill

💸 Greener Pastures. Crypto markets made modest gains today amid a down day for a stock market that continues to inch towards new all-time highs. The total crypto market cap (TOTAL) is green, up 3.7%, but broadly alts are struggling against Bitcoin. What's driving BTC outperformance?

Prices as of 4pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $1.62t ↗ 2.5% ↗ 1.3%
BTC $43,576.08 ↗ 3.0% ↗ 2.0%
ETH $2,183.64 ↗ 0.2% ↘ -3.0%
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The Crypto Startup Slump
Guest Author: Rachael Sacks

2023 may have been a big recovery for the crypto space, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the startup investment landscape. Today, guest writer Rachael Sacks walks us through some of the dominant themes in crypto VC from the past year.

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Jito's Impact

For our latest episode, we had a fascinating convo with Jito CEO Lucas Bruder on the popular Solana validator client, its staked Solana JITOSOL token, MEV optimization, and beyond.

Learn the basics and nuances of this rising project in today's show! 👇

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