Is This the Endgame? with Itay Vinik

Itay Vinik is the Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Equi, an alternative investment platform that brings investment strategies to accredited investors.
Dec 7, 20221 min read

Is this the endgame? This is the central theme of today's episode. Further, we dive into Itay's outlook on 2023 and beyond. This episode is also very chart heavy. What are the charts telling us?


0:00 Intro

7:55 How Itay Got Here

8:50 Itay's Crypto Experience

10:20 Inputs on Terra/LUNA

12:42 Itay's Sentiment

14:00 History of the Macro Environment

17:42 Global Central Bank Policy Rate

22:30 U.S. Fed Balance Sheet

26:00 Everything That Broke

30:21 Nasdaq-100 Index & Fed Balance Sheet

33:00 Pandemic Support Programs

34:00 U.S. Personal Savings Rate

35:00 U.S. M2

36:40 Where Are We Now?

39:55 Inflation

42:25 Retail Sales & Non-Farm Payrolls

44:40 Housing

47:30 2023

54:37 The Last Dance?

1:04:00 Possible Outcomes

1:13:30 Demographics

1:18:00 Bull Market Mid-2023

1:19:00 The Dollar

1:22:40 Itay's Advice & Closing

1:25:40 Disclaimers


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