Hunt These Sui Airdrops

The top airdrop opps on this trending L1 blockchain.
May 31, 20244 min read

Bankless has been strategizing over airdrops since airdrops first became a thing, but to make qualifying for crypto’s hottest airdrops easier than ever for our subscribers, we created the Airdrop Hunter!

This week, we published our 100th airdrop guide! 🥳

In celebration of this milestone, we’re detailing our five favorite airdrop candidates from the Sui ecosystem, the second-fastest growing alt-L1 chain measured by TVL over the past month.

Each of these opportunities has been hand-picked by the Bankless analyst team as a strong potential airdrop candidate, meaning interacting with any of the listed applications could yield significant rewards in the near future…

Let's dig into the protocols we're watching and why we are 👇

⚛️ Aftermath Finance

Website | Twitter
Sector: Exchange
TVL: $79M


Aftermath Finance is an exchange deployed to Sui offering spot swaps and liquid staking services to users, and allows liquidity providers to lock their tokens to receive boosted rewards! As a DEX aggregator, Aftermath not only sources trades from internal pools, instead filling users at the best possible price available from popular SUI DEXs.

Depositors who stake SUI through Aftermath will receive a liquid staking token (afSUI) and can select the validator that they stake with, promoting decentralization while unifying liquidity behind one token wrapper.

Why we’re watching:

While Aftermath has not provided official indications that it will have an airdrop, the distribution of its "Egg" NFT represented a desire to identify early ecosystem participants. Protocols that have distributed project NFTs often choose to reward their holders with tokens come airdrop, indicating that a broader airdrop could be on the way for Aftermath ecosystem participants!

🐟 Bluefin

Website | Twitter
Sector: Exchange (Perpetuals)
TVL: $26M


Bluefin is a decentralized perpetual exchange on the Sui blockchain that enables low-fee, high-speed digital asset trading on margin. The exchange prioritizes efficiency, transparency, security, and decentralization. With a wide range of supported tokens and a user-friendly interface, Bluefin caters to both novice and experienced traders.

Traders who wish to speculate on crypto assets can do so with up to 20x leverage and $1M in size, meanwhile users who simply want to earn yield can provide liquidity to receive weekly SUI distributions.

Why we’re watching:

Bluefin is currently running a points program which only means one thing, and it is likely they will reward recipients via an airdrop, which can be earned by trading, providing liquidity, and referring the Protocol to other users. 

Further, active traders are grouped into “Leagues” depending on their Bluefin account value and trading volume, and while it is not explicitly outlined how ranking into a League translate to rewards, given they are grouped under "Rewards" in Bluefin's docs, it's safe to say there is a strong connection.

📕 DeepBook

Website | Twitter
Sector: Infrastructure
TVL: $29M


DeepBook is a decentralized, fully on-chain central limit order book (CLOB) built on Sui developed by the chain’s Mysten Labs core team. It serves as the foundational liquidity layer for the Sui ecosystem by enabling various decentralized finance protocols and other decentralized exchanges to manage and execute trades efficiently. DeepBook supports many order types, including market and limit orders, and is designed to provide high transparency and low latency in trading activities.

Why we’re watching:

While DeepBook has not yet launched a token, the Protocol has already completed its first round of qualifying actions for the airdrop, distributing Soulbound NFTs detailing how many DEEP tokens a user will have qualified for by using its order book.

During the second phase of qualification, DeepBook is looking to reward onchain users lending liquid-staked SUI, meaning qualifying for the drop revolves around activities related to that.

💱 Suilend

Website | Twitter
Sector: Lending
TVL: $52M


Suilend, the fastest expanding lending protocol on the Sui blockchain, is developed by the same team behind Solend, a leading lending protocol on Solana. By launching on Sui, Suilend seeks to leverage its successful track record from Solana to establish itself as a prominent cross-chain money market for the developing chain.

Why we’re watching:

Suilend recently announced its points program, which will run for several months. In the announcement, its founder specified he held disdain for points programs (though he launched one anyway), which may translate to a shorter campaign than usual. As Suilend is one of the top protocols on Sui, these points may be lucrative if both parties can sustain growth.

🏷️ Sui Name Service

Website | Twitter
Sector: Services


Developed by Mysten Labs, the founders of Sui, Sui Name Service (SuiNS) is an open and distributed naming service on the Sui blockchain that allows users and companies to acquire “.sui” and “.move” domain names to represent themselves with on the Sui network.

Why we’re watching:

In January, Eman Abio, Sui's co-founder, tweeted asking if they should decentralize a core Mysten Labs product, the response to which was a resounding yes. A few weeks later, he retweeted a post from Sui Name Service about connecting your SNS to their Discord with the caption, "Do this now." Further, rumors have been circulating that there will be an airdrop.

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