The Ultimate Guide to Airdrops 🎁 | February 2023

Bankless just added five new projects including Bungee Exchange and LI.FI
Feb 10, 20234 min read

Dear Bankless Nation,

Happy Friday!

Want free money for engaging with the hottest dApps in crypto? Its called an “airdrop” and Bankless is here to make sure you never miss another!

Every month, we update The Ultimate Guide to Airdrops — your one-stop-shop to EXPLORE the hottest crypto projects without tokens and LEARN high-probability farming strategies — with AT LEAST five new opportunities.

This month we’re adding:

  • 🪢 Bungee Exchange
  • 🦎 LI.FI
  • And a few more 🤫

We’re giving away one of these opportunities below to all Bankless readers!

The other four — in addition to Bankless’s alpha-log of 40 previously released, still active airdrop opportunities — are available exclusively to ✨Bankless Citizens✨.

- Bankless team

🎁 New Airdrop Opportunities for February 2023

🚨 None of the information in this article is financial advice. All of it is for educational purposes only. Please, do your own research. 🚨

As the saying goes, crypto pays you to learn crypto, and airdrops are one of the best ways to earn and explore!

Darren Lau deposited $100 into dYdX and walked away with a $50k airdrop! 🤯

No strategy is guaranteed, but the right tip may grant you a seat at the governance table of some of crypto’s hottest protocols, not to mention juicy financial returns! 📈

Check out our five new Airdrop strategies below —  as always, the first one is free for everyone!

1. Bungee Exchange

Description: Bungee Exchange is a bridge aggregator supporting various EVM-compatible chains.

Resources: Website | Docs | Twitter | Discord

Why Bungee Exchange: The Protocol’s Discord — under “jolts-and-contributions” — notes that by collecting “Jolts,” community contributors can expect further rewards than simply the in-Discord token. This reward likely comes in the form of an airdrop.

👉 Airdrop strategy: Participate in the community Discord and collect your daily “Jolt” allowance and bridge using Bungee!

Starter guides:

2. LI.FI

Description: LI.FI is a cross-chain bridge aggregation protocol that supports any-2-any swaps by aggregating bridges and connecting them to DEX aggregators.

Resources: Website | Docs | Twitter | Discord

Why LI.FI: Community Discord conversations indicate that soulbound LZRD tokens have been airdropped to some community participants. Officially however, there is no project token, so future community airdrops are highly probable.

👉 Airdrop strategy: Mint an early access credential to get beta access to their updated interface (launching February 15) and use transferto.xyz for your cross-chain bridging and swapping activities!

Keep up with LI.FI credential opportunities in Gateway. They are announced in the Discord!

Starter guides:

3. ZKX

Description: ZKX is a perpetuals exchange built on Starknet that will offer swaps on complex financial instruments and rewards for traders.

Resources: Website | Twitter | Discord

Why ZKX: By launching a gamified community incentives program, ZKX has signaled that they will be rewarding early participants in the quest with an airdrop. This follows a similar strategy for SudoSwap and the XMON project.

👉 Airdrop strategy: Join the waitlist and participate in ZKX Yakuza saga!

Starter guides:

4. Hunch Finance

Description: Hunch is a gamified DeFi protocol in which the players’ abilities to make calculated future assumptions will determine their success. Hunchville is the gamified DeFi universe of Hunch and will contain multiple DeFi Games (DFGs), each with their own unique financial and/or DeFi community characteristics.

Resources: Website | Docs | Twitter | Discord

Why Hunch Finance: Currently, the Project does not have a token. While no docs confirm or deny the possibility of an airdrop, Hunch is in extremely nascent stages of development and with only one functioning game, it is likely that shipping additional DFGs is a priority over establishing an airdrop roadmap.

👉 Airdrop strategy: Speculate on the date of the Flippening and mint your ticket in the Flippening Observatory (click on the observatory to play)!

Starter guides:

5. LlamaPay

Description: LlamaPay is a multi-chain protocol that allows you to automate transactions and stream them by the second. Payees begin getting paid the moment the stream is established and can withdraw accrued payments at any time.

Resources: Website | Docs | Twitter | Discord

Why LlamaPay: DeFiLlama has LlamaPay listed on its Airdrop dashboard. LlamaPay is a product from the same folks who run DeFiLlama (the two projects even share a Discord!). By listing LlamaPay as a protocol that may airdrop, the founding team itself has hinted at a future airdrop.

👉 Airdrop strategy: Create a new stream to pay employees, vendors, or yourself and deposit token payments into LlamaPay!

Starter guides:

The Bankless Ultimate Guide to Airdrops

Sticking to mainnet for some reason? Interested in NFTs? Tradoooor at heart with an addiction to degen leverage? Searching for an L2 without a token to call home?

Bankless has you covered!

Our Ultimate Guide to Airdrops lists 45 high-quality, tokenless crypto protocols from every corner of the crypto industry and is sure to have an opportunity that catches your eye. Set yourself up for future profits by engaging in crypto NOW!

Your initiation to airdrop farming starts here, anon.

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