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Going for Gold on Blast Jackpot

Blast's latest engagement campaign dials up the incentives yet again.
May 13, 20243 min read

Blast has done a pretty stellar job of courting attention as a place for degens to earn big.

The main way the network has accomplished this is through its native yield, as ETH and stablecoin holders can annually earn 4% and 5% respectively on Blast. The L2 also aims to make good on its reputation thanks to its ongoing Blast Points and Blast Gold program. Half of Blast’s upcoming airdrop is going to Points holders, and half to Gold holders. 

Note that initially, only ETH and USDB holders earned Points, and only Blast app users earned Gold. Yet with the early makings of memecoin and NFT scenes starting to rise on Blast, the L2’s team decided to offer passive token and NFT holders a way to rack up Gold rewards, too.

Here, cue in Blast Jackpot

The Blast Jackpot is a recently launched game that periodically rewards token and NFT holders on Blast. 

Every block mined on the network has a basic chance to trigger a jackpot, and when this happens, a random token or NFT is selected as the winner. Everyone who entered the winning asset will receive a cut of the latest Gold prize pool. The odds of selection favor tokens over NFTs, but all assets on the platform, except for WETH and USDB, are eligible.

The initiative gets Blast users to diversify their holding on the network for a chance at the jackpot.

If you’re interested in trying it out, entering is straightforward, but you will need to onboard to the Blast Airdrop dashboard first if you haven’t already. If you need an invite code, dozens of users have dropped theirs as comments in the Blast “Referral Link” quest in our Airdrop Hunter hub!

Once you’re set up on Blast, transfer some ETH in through the native bridge or a fast 3rd-party bridge like Relay, and then you’ll be ready to start acquiring assets so you can enter into Blast Jackpot. 

For example, I recently joined by acquiring some of the $PAC memecoin on Thruster, a decentralized exchange, and some Skellies NFTs on the NFT orderbook platform Mintify

Once you have whichever assets you want ready in your wallet, just head to the Blast Jackpot page, scroll down and select the “Add Token or NFT to your Deck” option, and then select your desired asset. You can enter as many as eight different assets in the available deck slots like this!

At this point, it’s just a waiting game—you can check back on this Jackpot page to manage your entries over time and track if any of your assets are winners going forward. 

If you’re lucky, you’ll win at least one nice chunk of Blast Gold before the official Blast airdrop, and if you’re really lucky you may win multiple—they’re are only so many assets on the young L2 right now, after all. 

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