Ethereum’s Progression with Hudson Jameson | Layer Zero

Hudson Jameson is an Ethereum enthusiast and core developer liaison with a rich background in blockchain projects. He’s played an active role in shaping various online communities for decentralized technology, including Ethereum and more recently, Zcash.
Aug 16, 20221 min read

On today’s episode, Hudson shares his storied crypto journey starting in 2015 when he first became interested in Ethereum through the ups and downs he experienced as a part of Ethereum’s inner circle, all the way to what he’s up to today.

Hudson closes with some heartfelt advice on burnout and mental health in the crypto space that you don’t want to miss.


0:00 Intro

4:40 Hudson’s Background

6:54 2015 Crypto

9:00 Fork and Fair Launch Era

14:26 Early Tribalism

19:28 How Hudson Stumbled on Ethereum

23:43 Early Ethereum Culture

28:40 Progress Through the Chaos

33:12 How Vitalik Handled the Chaos

37:24 Why PoS Took So Long

38:45 When Bullish ETH Became Clear

41:34 Augur & ICOs

44:51 Hudson & Inner Circle in 2017

47:46 The DAO Hack

53:30 2018-2020 Bear Market

1:00:11 Core Devs Tug-a-War

1:08:00 The Ethereum Community

1:09:41 Hudson Steps Down From EF & Burnout Culture

1:14:35 Hudson’s Legacy So Far

1:17:05 Improving Crypto’s Culture

1:20:37 Privacy

1:21:45 Closing


Hudson Jameson



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