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Can Crypto Beat Google?

gm Bankless Nation, investors have bought into the AI x Crypto meme, but do the protocols involved stand a chance?
Mar 14, 20243 min read
Can Crypto Beat Google?
Published on Mar 14, 2024
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Countdown to EigenLayer
  1. 🚀 EigenLayer nears mainnet. The much-hyped restaking protocol is getting ready for primetime, teasing its final roadmap for the "next several weeks."
  2. 🙅 Craig Wright is not Satoshi, judge rules. A U.K. judge declared that litigious computer scientist Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto and did not author the Bitcoin whitepaper, despite his claims otherwise, CoinDesk reports.
  3. 🗳️ Crypto holders lean Trump. A study authored by Paradigm suggests that registered U.S. voter crypto holders are fairly split between major candidates but lean toward Trump.
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DeFi Wins Big on Memecoin Frenzy

📊 Swap Surge. A flurry of speculative trading activity on Ethereum and its L2s has increased swap volumes, benefiting the tokens behind the ecosystem’s DEX aggregators! 0x Protocol’s ZRX has been at the forefront of this volume-led rally, but the fundamentals suggest an overlooked contender should be capturing traders’ attention. Which DEX aggregator token could be on the brink of breaking out?

Prices as of 7pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.71T ↘ 1.9% ↗ 6.7%
BTC $71,600 ↘ 2.1% ↗ 6.8%
ETH $3,884 ↘ 3.0% ↗ 0.7%
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Can Crypto's AI Protocols Beat Google?
Bankless Author: David C.

Despite the potential for massive value creation in AI, tech's giants seem poised to eat the opportunity. But don't worry; crypto's builders are working on a solution.

A new class of protocols is enabling the development of so-called Decentralized Virtual Infrastructure (DeVIN). The technology taps the blockchain to create markets that expand access to GPUs and data storage. 

Let's look at the current state of the compute bottleneck crisis, the overall benefits of DeVIN, and standout projects leading the charge in this arena 👇


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L2 Tokens: Bullish or Bearish?

Are Layer2 Tokens bullish, or are they just worthless governance tokens?

We’ve brought a team of expert panelists to help us answer that exact question. Mike Ippolito, Jordi Alexander, and Anthony Sassano explore Layer 2 business models, where value is accrued, and how to capture that upside.

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Earn Airdrops!

Many Bankless Citizens who completed the Jito quests in our Airdrop Hunter app just earned five-figure airdrop paydays!

It's airdrop season, and plenty of other protocols are preparing to reward early users. Get on their lists. Start hunting!

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