Ethereum and The Trillion Dollar Internet Bond | Chris Perkins

Ethereum and the new reference rate could be the key to unlocking trillions.
Feb 29, 20241 min read

Chris Perkins has a fascinating background as a marine who was shot at in Iraq, was at Lehman bros when it all came crashing down, was a Citigroup trying to pick up the piece of the financial crisis where he first ran across Gary Gensler, and now he’s in crypto. We talk about all that, but that’s not even the main event.

The Main Event is Ether the asset and a new reference rate he’s building on top of it. This sounds in the weeds but it’s actually actually key to unlocking trillions in new financial products. You might call this new rate the Libor for ETH.


00:00:00 Start
00:11:33 Intro to Chris
00:13:17 From Banks To Crypto
00:16:27 Hostility Towards Crypto
00:19:16 National Security
00:25:23 Takes on Regulation
00:31:12 TradFi Response To Crypto
00:33:58 ETH ETF
00:37:24 Libor for ETH?
00:42:43 Libor Recap
00:45:35 How Was Libor Corrupted?
00:53:21 ETH Reference Rate
01:04:13 Risk Free Rate
01:10:08 Real vs Nominal Returns
01:21:51 DeFi Applications
01:26:01 Market Size
01:33:17 Going Forward


CESR home page: https://www.coindesk.com/indices/ether/cesr
CESR methodology document: https://coinfund.io/cesr/
CESR Tearsheet: https://downloads.coindesk.com/cd3/CDI/CESR+Fact+Sheet.pdf

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