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Ethena Captures the Spotlight ($)

gm Bankless Citizen, Bitcoin dipped back below $65K on Tuesday, but a much-hyped airdrop kept some traders happy nonetheless.
Apr 2, 20243 min read
Ethena Captures the Spotlight
Published on Apr 2, 2024
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BTC & ETH Dump
  1. ↘️ BTC and ETH dump. BTC and ETH are both down over 5% in single-day losses while many major altcoins and memecoins like DOGE fell even harder.
  2. 💰 DOJ moves Silk Road funds to Coinbase. Wallets associated with the DOJ moved $130 million in Bitcoin, a slice of their associated $2B in holdings, to Coinbase Prime on Tuesday.
  3. 👨‍💼 Binance appoints Board of Directors. The new seven-member board includes 4 company executives including CEO Richard Teng, alongside three outside members, Gabriel Abed, Arnaud Ventura and Xin Wang.
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Maker and Aave's Ethena Feud

📊 Stable-controversey. Over $500 million in ENA was just distributed to eligible claimants through Ethena’s first round of airdrops, but contention over the protocol is reaching a fever pitch on Crypto Twitter. Why are two bluechip DeFi protocols now embroiled in conflict over Ethena?

Prices as of 5pm ET 24hr 7d
Crypto $2.48T ↘ 5.0% ↘ 5.7%
BTC $65,712 ↘ 5.6% ↘ 5.7%
ETH $3,274 ↘ 5.9% ↘ 8.2%
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Getting Ready for 'Crypto: The Game' Season 2
Bankless Author: William M. Peaster

"One of the most exciting things I’ve done in years." "The best way to make new connections in crypto. Period." "Basically a fully online experiential reality show that runs 24/7." 

These are some of the ways players have described Season 1 of Crypto: The Game (CTG), and as someone who made it to the 8th day of the contest, I completely agree. If you missed out on Season 1, you’re in luck because Season 2—Crypto The Game: Anon Island— starts its launch countdown today. 

Keen to try your hand at winning it all? Here’s what we know so far about the CTG S2 adventure 👇


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Blackrock's $10T Bet on ETH

Earlier this month the largest asset manager in the world released its first tokenized fund on Ethereum called the BlackRock BUIDL fund.

We knew this was big… but after recording this episode with Securitize founder Carlos Domingo we’re realizing this is an even bigger deal than we initially thought.

Hear the full analysis 👇

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