210 - Endgame 2.0: A Guide to Vitalik’s Ethereum Roadmap with Mike & Dom

What's next for Ethereum
Feb 16, 20241 min read

Welcome to Part 2 of Vitalik’s Endgame, where Vitalik’s nominees and Ethereum Foundation Researchers, Mike Neuder & Domothy walk us through the updated Ethereum Roadmap.

This roadmap is composed of 6 urges:

- The Merge: Proof of Stake

- The Surge: Improve throughput and DA

- The Scourge: MEV

- The Verge: Running validator anywhere with Verkle Trees

- The Purge: Eliminate technical debt

- The Splurge Fix everything else

We dive into all this and more as we wonder what’s next for Ethereum.


0:00 Intro

3:01 Dom & Mike Background

5:18 Dencun Upgrade

8:36 The Ethereum Roadmap

17:19 The Roadmap Ecosystem

20:48 Ethereum Core Values

22:54 The Merge

25:00 Single Slot Finality

28:48 Max Effective Balance

33:03 The Importance of Finality

38:18 Proof of Stake Trade-offs

47:59 The Surge

51:13 Getting to Full Danksharding

55:23 DA Sampling

57:05 DA Self-Healing

59:03 The DA Market

1:04:48 Rollup Coordination

1:06:55 The Scourge

1:11:00 Inclusion Lists

1:14:34 Encrypted Mempool

1:19:25 Proposer-Builder Separation

1:27:08 The Verge

1:29:26 Why Run a Node?

1:36:17 Verkle Trees

1:45:59 Snarks

1:49:34 The Purge

1:57:32 The Splurge

2:04:25 What’s Next

2:09:35 The Endgame

2:15:29 What Could Go Wrong?

2:19:10 ETH: The Asset

2:23:24 Time Horizons

2:26:05 Closing Thoughts


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