176 - What is Money in the Digital Age? with Brendan Malone

Today’s guest is Brendan Malone. He currently works at Paradigm’s Policy Department.
Jun 15, 20231 min read

But before that, he focused on crypto policy issues at no other than the Federal Reserve. In this episode, we get deep into answering one, if not the most Bankless questions. What is Money? And what does the answer look like in the Digital Age?


0:00 Intro
5:40 What is Money?
10:34 The Moneyness Spectrum
16:59 How do Current Forms of Money Rank?
21:03 How Much is a Dollar Worth?
29:16 The Difference between Money and Credit
38:30 Losing Trust in the Dollar
48:29 The Role of a Central Bank
54:14 The Future of Money
1:04:26 Why Now?
1:07:14 New Technology Implications
1:10:40 The Case for Crypto
1:18:55 Closing and Disclaimers


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