155 - The Rise of Decentralized Social Networks with Farcaster’s Dan Romero

Dan Romero was an early employee at Coinbase and is now the Co-Founder of Farcaster, a new decentralized social network that has captured the attention of many in Web3.
Jan 27, 20231 min read

Aside from sharing a secret passcode to access Farcaster during the episode (Bankless Premium subscribers only)…Dan also shares his thoughts on why he doesn’t think Web2 social media is broken, why people should care about decentralized social media, how decentralized does it have to be in order to work, and how all of this will fundamentally change the internet and the trajectory of humanity.


0:00 Intro

6:08 Is Web2 Broken?

10:25 Web3 Improvements

19:25 Unique Web3 Properties

24:42 Developer & User Sovereignty

31:57 Farcaster’s Feature & Protocol Thesis

45:25 Unique Properties of Decentralized Social Platforms

58:29 Growing Farcaster & Client Competition

1:05:39 Incentive Mechanisms

1:11:30 Is a Token Needed?

1:15:55 Protocols

1:19:48 Advertising & Farcaster

1:25:48 Farcaster On-Chain Footprint

1:27:47 Spam Prevention

1:31:31 Discoverability & Regulation

1:33:45 Identity

1:36:00 Closing & Disclaimers


Dan Romero



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