The Bull Case for $LINK (Chainlink)

Is Chainlink next?
Oct 25, 20231 min read

Chainlink’s community is anything but weak. Today we brought on two of Chainlink’s most prominent community members, ChainLinkGod, a Chainlink Community Ambassador and FishyCatfish, a miner, investor, and all around crypto enthusiast. The two of them are here to give us the bull case for $LINK.


0:00 Intro

7:00 What is Chainlink?

8:32 Ultimate Vision of Blockchains

10:19 Why We Need Chainlink

16:15 $LINK Genesis Story

25:41 Role of $LINK

30:12 Chainlink Validating & Value Prop

35:02 Bonds & Yield

39:30 Chainlink Service Fees

44:53 Fee Price Discovery

50:42 Decentralized Computing Marketplace

54:39 Chainlink’s Unique Value

1:02:05 Composabilty & Scope of Fees

1:08:00 $LINK the Capital Asset

1:11:00 Chainlink Yield Hooks

1:12:10 Collateral Equilibrium

1:13:07 Tokenization of RWAs

1:20:24 Numbers to Focus On

1:25:25 David’s Bull Case For Chainlink

1:26:27 Chainlink’s Next 3 Big Bets

1:31:38 Get Further $LINK-pilled

1:33:00 Closing & Disclaimers


Sergey’s Bankless Episode




Fishy Catfish


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