212 - Tether CEO on Their $100B Stablecoin ($USDT)

The truth is finally revealed
Feb 29, 20241 min read

Paolo Ardoino is the CEO of Tether, the $100 Billion stablecoin company that owns more U.S. Treasuries than most countries.

We explore why Tether is winning, how it’s helping people in emerging markets and what really backs a $USDT. We also cover the state of the stablecoin regulation and even market competitors.Tether has been and it’s still a target of Fud in the Crypto industry. Paolo is here to refute that Fud and much more.


00:00 Intro

6:52 Paolo Background

11:01 The History of Tether

15:40 USDT in Emerging Markets

25:30 Why not Bitcoin?

28:25 What’s Backing Tether?

42:25 Banking Risks

54:59 Tether Reserves Breakdown

59:39 Becoming Too Big

1:06:23 The Stablecoin Wars

1:11:18 Freezing Funds

1:13:45 USDT Competitors

1:16:59 Tokenized T-Bills

1:19:55 Tether on Tron

1:24:53 Regulation

1:26:14 The Value of Tether

1:29:10 Closing & Disclaimers


Paolo Ardoino


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