198 - SUAVE Explained with Phil Daian & Andrew Miller

Nov 22, 20232 min read

Phil Daian is a crypto-economic researcher! Phil is the lead author behind the landmark paper, “Flash Boys 2.0,” which introduced and defined the MEV problem in the Ethereum landscape, over 4 years ago. He is the cofounder of FlashBots, which is a research and dev organization with the mission of mitigating the negative externalities of MEV.

Andrew Miller is an Associate Professor at the University of Illinois, SGX Bull, and visiting researcher at Flashbots, and big believer in cypherpunk values through crypto-economic mechanisms.

Have you ever heard of Flashbots? Flashbots is the silent protector of Ethereum, a shield against the forces of centralization that silently sneak into our cryptosystems and turn them into TradFi. It’s one of the unsung heroes of crypto.

The guests we have on today are from Flashbots, Phil Daian, and Andrew Miller. They believe the biggest centralization threats in crypto still lie ahead. And they’ve got a new platform that’s being built to defend against them. It’s called “Suave”, and we’ve been hearing a lot about it recently - “Solving MEV” - “Decentralizing block building” - but going into this episode, we weren’t sure exactly what it was. We found out during this episode.


0:00 Intro

8:20 History of Flashbots & MEV

15:35 MEV Boost

19:25 Andrew’s Journey

23:20 What’s at Stake?

25:00 Solving MEV

33:44 What’s Suave?

41:13 Intents

45:25 Suavechain?

54:53 Decentralized Block Building

1:02:27 Privacy of Suave

1:08:02 Suave’s Importance & Goal

1:12:40 L2s

1:15:18 Alt-L1s

1:18:00 MEV Naiveness

1:21:31 Benefits of Suave

1:30:36 Suave Roadmap

1:32:23 Why the World Needs Suave

1:38:25 Closing & Disclaimers


How to get Started Building on Suave


Learn about MEV

Crypto’s Existential Threat


Flashbots Saves Crypto


Learn about Blockchain Supply Chains

Ethereum’s Hidden Power Structures


Learn about Moloch

Slaying Moloch


Why we can’t have nice things?


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