160 - Is the CIA Spying on Crypto? with Annie Jacobsen

Annie Jacobsen is an investigative journalist and author writes about war, weapons, government secrecy, and national security. She’s written books on the secrets of Area 51, and the Pentagon’s military science R&D efforts over the decades.
Feb 25, 20231 min read

The 2023 crypto movement is sufficiently large enough that it has certainly attracted the attention of every intelligence agency out there. We want to learn about how the world’s intelligence agencies might have or are interacting with the crypto community.  

Is the CIA spying on crypto? Our guest Annie gives us her thoughts.


0:00 Intro

8:00 Three Letter Agencies

14:40 Annie’s Work

17:33 Crypto Patterns

20:48 State vs. Non-State Actors

27:35 Satoshi

33:18 Government’s Crypto Interest?

38:05 The Different Intelligence Communities

46:56 North Korea-Linked Lazarus Group

51:46 Untapped Crypto Lands

56:20 The Internet Analogy

1:02:26 The Intelligence Community Crypto Strategy

1:04:45 CIA Hedge Fund

1:12:03 Is My Friend in the CIA?

1:19:46 Totalitarian Tools

1:23:58 Is Crypto a Win for the Intelligence Community?

1:28:15 How Should We Perceive the Intelligence Community?

1:31:16 Closing & Disclaimers


Annie Jacobsen


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