174 - EigenLayer Will Change Ethereum Forever

Is re-staking the biggest thing to happen to Ethereum since MEV?
Jun 2, 20231 min read

We’re joined by Sreeram Kannan who walks us through Eigenlayer. The re-staking protocol that is set to change the trajectory of Ethereum forever. It may even be launching pretty soon…


0:00 Intro

5:22 How Big Is Restaking?

7:12 What is Restaking?

13:53 What Was The Aha Moment?

19:03 Restaking Explained (Simply)

22:41 Where Does Eigenlayer Live?

27:20 Slashing on Eigenlayer

39:50 Risks of Restaking

51:17 Restaking Networks

59:20 Designing Modular Trust

1:01:36 Eigen DA

01:04:28 The 3 Aspects Of Trust

01:08:11 Tokens On Eigenlayer

1:11:47 Why Start a Network on Eigenlayer?

1:18:15 2 Uses Of Economic Security

1:20:00 Eigenlayer Alignment

1:24:35 Restaking Risk Management

1:30:13 Takes on Vitalik's Post

1:40:48 When is Mainnet Launch?

1:43:52 How Will Restaking Change The World?


Sreeram Kannan


Vitalik’s Article ‘Don’t Overload’


Sapiens by Yuval Harari


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