188 - The Next Ethereum Upgrade: Blobspace 101 with Domothy

How is blobspace different than blockspace?
Sep 17, 20232 min read

Dom, aka Domothy, is a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation who is working on the research and development of some key Ethereum protocol upgrades like EIP4844, danksharding, and MEV Burn. We last had Dom on Bankless about that last one, MEV Burn, and this time we’re bringing him around to fully understand an incoming new property of Ethereum that EIP4844 is going to introduce… a new resource market… called BLOBspace…  kind of like Blockspace… but for Blobs!

What are blobs? What is blobspace? How is it different from blockspace and blockspace markets? What will it do for Ethereum and its rollups? These are the questions we explore with Dom today. 

You know how we say blockchains sell blocks? Well, soon Ethereum’s going to be selling more than just blocks. It’s going to be selling blobs too. 

We’re just a few months out from the biggest Ethereum release since the merge and no one’s fully mapped out the implications. But it’s going to be huge. 

- Ethereum’s getting a new product to sell…it’s call Blobspace

- The cost of transacting on L2s is about to drop toward zero…

- The economics of ETH gas and the burn are about to change forever…

Blobspace, EIP4844, proto-danksharding…that’s what the geeks call this new ETH feature upgrade. 

This is everything you need to know about Blobspace with Ethereum Researcher Domothy in this absolute banger of an episode. 


0:00 Intro

7:20 Why We’re Doing This Episode

8:45 Blobspace

9:40 History of Blobspace

11:30 Sharding & Dead Ends

14:00 Execution Sharding

16:50 Layers of a Blockchain

21:00 Ethereum Rollups

22:50 Vitalik’s Thought Process

26:10 Ethereum Development Hidden Genius

30:00 Current State of Ethereum

34:00 What is a Blob?

39:25 Blobspace Explained

44:20 Validator’s Perspective

47:00 Data Availability vs. Storage

56:31 User’s Perspective

1:00:30 How a Blob Becomes a Blob

1:04:00 Properties of Full Danksharding

1:05:20 New Math & Tech Behind Blobs?

1:12:00 L2 Blobspace & Scaling Factors

1:15:40 Blobspace Economics

1:20:00 Block vs. Blobspace Balancing

1:23:20 L2s Competing For Blobspace

1:32:10 Ethereum Subsidiaries

1:39:00 What’s Next?

1:41:30 Closing & Disclaimers




Domothy article on Blobspace


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