DeFi's Biggest Swings $

gm Bankless Citizens, SBF is sweating rn. Can he get away with it all?
Nov 2, 20233 min read
DeFi's Biggest Swings
Published on Nov 2, 2023
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Crypto Awaits SBF Verdict
  1. 🧑🏻‍🦱 SBF awaits fate. The closing arguments are over. SBF's fate is in the jury's hands with a verdict expected at any point now.
  2. 🦅 Aragon dissolves. The DAO tooling org has been under pressure to dissolve, and is finally allowing ANT holders to cash out $155M. Pissed-off holders are already suing.
  3. 👨‍⚖️ PayPal subpoenaed. PayPal was hit with an SEC subpoena over its PYUSD stablecoin. Blockchains must really scare Gary.

Prices updated at 4:00 pm ET 24HR
Crypto Market Cap $1.29T ↗ 0.6%
Bitcoin $35,049 ↗ 1.1%
Ethereum $1,811 ↘ 2.3%

📈 Fed Freezes. The Fed refused to hike interest rates for a 2nd time. Arthur Hayes believes the money printer is about to go BRRRR to bail out insolvent banks and sees the pause as a bullish catalyst for $BTC.

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DeFi Narratives that Matter
Bankless Author: 563

Crypto speculators love chasing the hype. One week it’s the AI narrative, next it’s SocialFi, then it's whatever memecoin is making people chuckle!

Today, Bankless researchers look at narratives that should actually have staying power. We’re talking sustainable business modelsnew primitives, and much-needed infrastructure upgrades.

Let's dig in 👇


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