165 - Death of the Dollar?! with Lyn Alden

Lyn Alden is one of crypto’s favorite macro commentators and also a frequent returning guest to the Bankless program.
Mar 31, 20231 min read

When Lyn comes on Bankless, you know it’s because Macro is confusing, and we need help navigating these chaotic waters.

Inflation! Bank run! Insolvency! Recession! Everyone’s yelling things! But what’s going to happen? Lyn has the answers.


0:00 Intro

5:09 Summary of Last Few Weeks

6:19 Speed Bump or Phase Change?

7:55 Nobody Knows What Happens Next

10:10 The Balaji to Ben Spectrum

18:14 Fed Balance Sheet Timeline

24:08 Run on the Fed?

31:05 U.S. Treasuries Value

41:31 Impact of the Economy Post-Sucking

47:31 Innovation Damper

49:18 Rethinking the Dollar’s Role in the World

52:52 Bull Case for Non-U.S. Dollar Supremacy

57:38 More Division in the Economy?

1:01:38 Loss of the Dollar?

1:08:00 Reserve Currency Predictions

1:12:47 Bitcoin Liquidity Profile

1:15:46 What Do We Do Lyn?

1:18:14 Is Crypto the Ultimate Tail Risk?

1:20:19 Closing & Disclaimers  


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Lyn Alden


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