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How to track everything your NFT wallet can do!
Oct 13, 20224 min read

Dear Bankless Nation,

Let’s say you’re in a few DAOs, and you’re holding some DeFi tokens and NFTs.

These positions can entitle you to all sorts of things, like accessing token-gated chats, claiming airdrops, minting new NFTs, participating in governance votes, and beyond.

The problem? Fragmentation. Previously to act on these types of cool opportunities you’d have to manually track the news around all your projects, which made it easy to get overwhelmed and miss things across many information streams.

Fortunately, there is a new project that can serve as an automated one-stop hub for tracking what your wallet can do at any given time, and that project is Daylight.

Let’s take a quick tour of the platform, which is currently in beta but set to open to everyone soon, for today’s post!


Daylight for busy NFTers 🌞

Daylight is an Ethereum-based crypto wallet discovery service.

You connect your wallet to the platform, at which point it pulls together all of your current holdings and all of the web3 opportunities available to you based on those holdings.

Daylight calls these web3 opportunities Abilities. Since the platform’s brand new and in a closed beta right now, only wallets that have plenty of Abilities available to them are being allowlisted out of the gate.

If your main wallet doesn’t make the cut presently, no worries. You can supply your email address to get notified when you are allowlisted or when the platform officially opens to everyone.

If your main wallet does have enough Abilities to immediately make the allowlist, you’ll be prompted to mint a Dawn Pass NFT, which will be soulbound to your address and allow you to sign in and use the Daylight platform.

Once you’re in, you can go to your Profile to see the tally of Abilities now open to you, and you can use your Settings to determine if you’d like to be emailed daily or weekly about new Abilities as they come in.

As for actually acting on opportunities, you’d go to the Abilities hub in the Daylight dashboard where you’re able to filter through, review, and then click on any activities that are of interest to you. To give you an idea of what’s possible, some examples of the Abilities that were personally open to me at the time of this post’s writing included:

  • Claiming a lilnounsdao.eth ENS subdomain
  • Claiming a wanders.eth ENS subdomain
  • Claiming an $OKGLD airdrop as an OKPC NFT holder
  • Claiming a $HOP airdrop as a Hop bridge user
  • Claiming a $SAFE airdrop as a Gnosis Safe multisig user
  • Claiming a commemorative CrypToadz “1st year birthday” NFT drop by Gremplin
  • Drawing on my OKPC NFTs’ displays
  • Entering an allowlist raffle for the “Proof of Ethereum” generative NFT drop
  • Joining the Finiliar NFT holders-only Discord channel
  • Joining the Corruptions(s*) NFT holders-only Discord channel
  • Revoking LooksRare NFT permissions after not interacting with the marketplace for one month
  • Summoning a Mirakai Hero NFT and/or rerolling Mirakai Hero traits
  • Trying the HyperLoot PFP generator
  • Voting in the latest Aave governance vote
  • Voting in the latest Lil Nouns DAO vote

Before, I would’ve had to manually keep track of all those different web3 opportunities by myself, which is tedious when it comes to monitoring well beyond a dozen projects. Now with Daylight, though, you can simply scroll through the Your Abilities feed and get all your wallet’s DAO, DeFi, and NFT pressing action items served up in one convenient spot.

This is the sort of service I’ve seen many crypto users request over the past couple of years, so it’s cool to see Daylight starting to shine here. Navigating what you can do with your wallet has been a pain for newcomers and veterans alike in the past, but Daylight streamlines this process for anyone.

Accordingly, I have a lot of hope this kind of service will make it easier for people of all stripes, and particularly NFT users, to take better control of their web3 journeys. Going forward, keep an eye on Daylight as it evolves and adds even more abilities you can act upon ahead of opening up its beta to everyone.

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