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David Chaum is a computer scientist and an OG member of the cryptography community. His innovation has driven much of the mathematical foundation of cryptocurrency, and he continues to work on projects like xx Network.
Aug 9, 20221 min read

In 1985, David issued this warning to the public:

Computerization is robbing individuals of the ability to monitor and control the ways information about them is used. Already, public and private sector organizations acquire extensive personal information and exchange it amongst themselves… The automation of payment and other consumer transactions is expanding these dangers to an unprecedented extent.

In today’s surveillance capitalism, it’s clear that we need cryptography now more than ever.


0:00 Intro

6:00 David Chaum

11:30 60s Technology

20:00 60s Culture

23:55 A New Direction in Cryptography

33:30 The Fork in the Road

41:50 Minimum Disclosure

48:25 Traffic Analysis

56:05 Surveillance Capitalism

1:02:00 The State of Data Today

1:12:00 New Ideas and Society

1:15:40 Advice to Crypto


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